UV printing on acrylic

UV printing on acrylic


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UV printing on acrylic is the most important decoration material. Due to high quality and transparency of acrylic, the light transmittance is high, a fact that makes acrylic printing one of the most used advertising material in luminous environments. Acrylic material, which is frequently used in signs, is shaped in the hands of our craftsmen and presented to you in the latest artistic form. In digital printing, because the acrylic is usually coated on the material, the light transmittance of the material – depending on the quality of the foil – does not achieve the desired results in digital printing qualities. The prints in the high-quality UV machine reach print quality of almost 1440 dpi, reaching nearly the photo print quality.

Posters, hangers, partitions and showcases, light boxes, awards – plaques & trophies, stands and stained glass – organic glass is widely used in advertising, architecture and design. UV inks for organic glass cover the surface well and provide a color image on clear, milky, colored or tinted glass.

You need to create bright, colorful advertising that will positively present your goods or services and make the most positive impact on future customers? UV printing on PVC is a valuable alternative to plastic wrapping, a more modern and high-quality production method for advertising.

White Acrylic Printing

The example of the acrylic in the upper picture is prepared for kitchen backsplash and it really works well in terms of decoration. It is made for a specially designed LED illuminated kitchen and light printing techniques are applied. Our company, which is experienced in coating kitchen panels and cabinets, proved itself in white acrylic printing category with its print quality and reliable service.

Vacuum able Acrylic Printing

Acrylic printings, which are in flat form, can be given special shapes by vacuum molds after printing. This process cannot be carried out because the elasticity of the inks used in the classical prints on the market is not high. However, thanks to the ink and printing system, it is possible to stretch 400 times.

Backlit UV Printing on Acrylic

You can get excellent acrylic glasses suitable for lighting with special printing modes on transparent, white, or ice white acrylic. Thanks to our special printing modes, you can have excellent colors without any fading in colors even when the LED lightings are used. Acrylic UV printing is also the most widely used advertising material on the market and you can have excellent logos or images on illuminated signs.

Elevated Plexiglass Printing

Thanks to the printing applied to the same point repeatedly, the inks give the opportunity to create thickness with inks. Braille alphabet, artworks or typographic writing systems can be created with elevated printing. Vermeer’s masterpiece, Girl with the Pearl Earring, is produced exactly same as by Kingt with its special developed artificial intelligence and elevated printing technique. With thousands of layers of printing, the impact of the hammers is achieved by close-up printing.

Upfront Plexiglass Printing

Plexiglass print which are mounted by raising with stylish head screws are used between two different plexiglass. The plexiglass used on the back surface is white and used completely for background purposes. On the front surface, a transparent 15 mm plexiglass (thicker plexi can be preferred to increase the depth effect) is used. Mirror printing system is used for printing the colors first and then white printing to ensure color saturation from backside of front plexiglass. The highest resolution printing that can be obtained on acrylic with 1440 dpi vario dot technology.

    "Kingt Technology" is professional UV industrial printer manufacturing company in China. Owning 20000 square meters building for manufacturing the printing machines in Zhejiang, Lishui province and also workshop in Shenzhen. We guarantee our product quality, because there are a lot of QC points in each production flow. We have a wide range of machinery for manufacturing and testing, which is necessary in case to achieve the highest quality. "Kingt Technology" with a reputation for innovated products, with excellent quality for the manufacturing.


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