UV printing on wood

UV printing on wood


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The Art of Printing on Wood

As a matter of fact, wood printing is not a newly discovered invention. Since years, images on wood have been printed with different techniques. With UV printing, it is now possible to have private prints on a single item to be used in the advertising and artistic areas.
Printing can be done on 200 x 320 cm size at once in the printing process. In addition, small scaled prints can be processed in photo quality.

Wood Printing at Architectural Spaces

Wood printing has started to be used in architectural areas such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, airports and hotels. These works, which are frequently preferred by large restaurant chains and hotels, are renewing the area. Amazing products can be created with unlimited visual option. In additionally white ink option on for black woods. Usually used in 18 mm. thickness raw MDF or white laminated MDF is preferred. However, printing on MDF which is used as raw material is also used to obtain retro and tumbled images because of its high ink absorbency. Photo-quality prints can be made on laminated MDFs.

Photo Print on Wood

The lines on the wood itself are already trying to explain a story. Like fingerprint, the patterns on any wood are not exactly the same. Therefore, wood surfaces are more striking than all other surfaces. When you combine a wood pattern with your design or photograph, you can be sure to get a natural art piece with organic tones. The patterns on the wood are valuable enough to be inspected, but the patterns combined with your work will make your artwork more recognizable. Because the patterns on the wood are different from each other, even for your bulk orders, each product will be different. This will give each product a unique structure. Wood surfaces have FULL PROTECTION against chemical substances like bleach, salt spirit, and dishwashing detergent.

Things to be Considered in Wood Printing

In general, it is not possible to print on the raw wood. Raw wood soaks too much paint during printing, making it difficult to reach quality prints. But it is the perfect type of print for lovers of visuals that are integrated with wood and for those who want an aged look. In general, those who demand high image quality and clear prints prefer white coated wood. One of the most important points to note in the wood to be printed is that the thickness of the wood is equal at every point. Even if it is not possible to find natural wood whose thickness is equal all over, thickness differences should be reduced to a minimum level.

Special Wood Printings for Display Systems on Sales and Payment Points

Printing on wood is a printing concept that is often seen. This printing, which can be used at sales points, is easily perceived by people and is a very durable product. In general, wood printing is produced for the wall tables in the advertising sector. The products can easily be displayed on this wall and attract attention by many people. The prints made on wood seem to be quite suitable and natural for brands that use pastel tones in general. The natural beauty of logos on wood is matching the ideas of the brands and increasing the ecological interest.

Wood Printing in Decoration Sector

With the development of the decoration sector, the printing needs have begun to increase on these products. Wood printing, which we often encounter in personal kitchen and bathroom cabinets, has also attracted considerable interest in this sector. UV printing made with paints that have no side effects for health can give a completely different identity to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Thanks to improved special protection, the prints have full protection against chemical cleaning materials. It has been tested against substances such as bleach, salt spirit, and dishwashing detergent. No change in print and wood has been observed.

Souvenir Wood Printing

Clock printing, cup matte, decorative wooden posters can be produce in high quality with competitive prices.

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