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UV flatbed printer (1000x1600) with RICOH GH2220 Printheads

KGT-LE-1016 (Ricoh GH2220)

KGT-LE-1016 (Ricoh GH2220)


KINGT KGT-LE-1016 (Ricoh GH2220)
Hi-Resolution and very Cost Efficient UV printer for custom promotional products print
Print size: 1000 x 1600
3,5-7 PL variable dot printing

Advance Features:

1.  Ricoh GH2220 print head

Imported from Japan, Ricoh GH2220 print head is the high level print head in the industry. Besides, the lifetime of Ricoh printhead can be up to 3 years if it is well maintained.

2.  Automatic thickness measuring

KGT-LE-1016 UV flatbed printer has automatic thickness measuring unit that can measure the thickness of substrates automatically. This function can make printing more precise and time-saving.

3.  Automatic anti-collision function

The mechanical anti-crash device effectively stops the carriage to protect print head once it touches the media. Hydraulic stoppers can help to avoid the damage of the head carriage once it accidentally crashes.

4. White Ink Circulation System

It keeps color particulates in motion in a bid to improve stability and dispersion of the pigments in the fluid reservoir and ink path.

5.  Dual Negative Pressure Ink System

Separate negative pressure system for white and color ink supply with digital control greater pressure display gauges increase printing speed and stability.

6.  Multi-color printing

The color options include CMYK and it also allows WHITE ink and VARNISH printing. Therefore, the KINGT KGT-LE-1016 can achieve 3D, embossed, glossy effect etc, meeting the special printing needs of various industries.

7.  ColorGATE RIP

It supports various kinds of file formats such as TIF, JPEG, EPS, AI, PS, PDF, DCS2.0. Because of its high performance of color management and ICC profiles, there are lots of more advantages by using ColorGATE RIP: 30% less ink consumption; high print quality; Ink drys in less time; High RIP Speed.

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Model KGT-LE-1016
5 - 6 Ricoh GH2220 3,5pl Micro Piezoelectric Printheads
Max. Printing Size
1000 x 1600mm
Max. Media Thickness
Up to 70mm
Platform and Media Size
Standard Vacuum Platform with Air Draft, Max. Rigid Material Size 1000 x 1600mm, Media Weight 50kg/m2
Printing Resolution
720 x 900dpi, 720 x 1200dpi

Printing Speed (Bi-direction, Single color, Feathering:122)

Printhead Configuration PassPrinting Speed
5 x Ricoh GH2220 (​C+M+Y+K+W)6 PassMiddle speed:​ 5 m2/h​
6 x Ricoh GH2220 (​C+M+Y+K+W+V)​6 PassMiddle speed: 4 m2/h​​
INK Color Configuration
UV LED curable inks, 5 - 6 Printheads Optional (CMYK+White+Varnish)
Curing System
Daul UV LED lamps, water cooling system
Ink Supply System
Negative Pressure System (NPS) with Automatic Ink Supply, 1,5L Bulk Continuous Ink Supply System With Low INK Warning
RIP Software
ColorGate (Bundle Version EN), ICC Based Color Management, Win7/Win10 64bit 8GB RAM
File Formats
TIFF, JEPG, EPS, PDF, PostScript
Data Interface
Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Power requirements
Max. 4kW, Input voltage 220-240V, Single-phase, 50/60Hz
Operating Conditions
Temperature 18-26 ℃, Relative Humidity 40-70%
Printer Dimensions
2150 x 2218 x 1132 mm, Weight 450kg
Wooden Box Dimensions
2250 x 2350 x 1350 mm
One year limited warranty


  1. 1
    What are the advantages of KINGT company?

    1. Accumulating nearly a decade of experience in UV printing industry, KINGT provides you professional solutions for UV printers market and can help you save time and effort getting into the UV market.

    2. The number of employees is 200+, and we have the 30 R&D people, 60 technical support people, 60 production people. Strong research and development ability allows constant launches of new products to keep you at the top of the league.

    3. KINGT is a trusted manufacturer with recognition from international suppliers. We ensure stable supplies of genuine products.

    4. The Top 3 printheads customer for Ricoh shows that KINGT takes up a significant market share of Ricoh printers in the market.

    5. Expansion of manufacturing site and big production capability can cater your growing demand and provide timely delivery.

    6. The sales volume and amount doubled by 15 millions USD from 2017 shows that you will be working with a fast growing company and expand the potential business together.

    7. In the year of 2016 KINGT sold 880 units and 1200 units in 2017. KINGT is the Top 3 Ricoh manufacturer in China.

  2. 2
    How about the printing cost?

    By 1L of ink you can print around 80m², it is about 1 EUR per square meter of printing.

  3. 3
    How long is machine's lifetime?

    Machine's lifetime is about 8-10 years.

    "Kingt Technology" is professional UV industrial printer manufacturing company in China. Owning 20000 square meters building for manufacturing the printing machines in Zhejiang, Lishui province and also workshop in Shenzhen. We guarantee our product quality, because there are a lot of QC points in each production flow. We have a wide range of machinery for manufacturing and testing, which is necessary in case to achieve the highest quality. "Kingt Technology" with a reputation for innovated products, with excellent quality for the manufacturing.


    Vilnius, Lithuania


    +370 670 34880